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8 years ago

Not Getting Full Content(Details) in exported security report .(Using groovy script)

HI All ,

Need your help!!

when ever I am exporting report using groovy script getting only limited content in exported report, below is my code.

import com.eviware.soapui.reporting.ReportEngineRegistry
import com.eviware.soapui.reporting.reports.testcase.*

def tc = testRunner.testCase
def st = tc.getSecurityTestList()

def report = new SecurityTestCaseReport(st[0]) // st[0] is the security test case
def AvailableReports = ReportEngineRegistry.getAvailableReports(report)
AvailableReports[0].generate( report.getModelItem().getSettings(), (String[])[ "PDF" ], "C:\\Reports")


But when I used the GUI export from Soapui Tool itself (click on report icon) , got the full detail report.

request you to please help me getting full detail / content report using groovy script.

Attached both report.


Note:  Using SOAPUI PRO 4.5.1



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