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3 years ago

No Suitable driver exception when I try to connect to postgres using the jdbc step in SoapUI (free v

  1. downloaded the postgres jdbc driver from the following link downloaded the latest version
  2. Pasted the jar file in the soapui_home/bin/ext folder
  3. Restarted SoapUI still getting the same error 


  1. I have added a jdbc step in SoapUI
  2. Here is the driver, I have used PostgreSQL/org.postgresql.Driver
  3. The string is dbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/databaseName?user=username&password=password

This is super urgent. Please advise. Thanks

Environment Redhat Linux jdk version is 11 SoapUI version 5.7.0

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    Have you checked the SoapUI Preferences?  There is a driver set-up tab....



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    Hello Connectbobby1 


    For some reason (maybe because there was an issue many years ago in SoapUI), I always put my jar files in "soapui_home/lib" with all the other jar files instead of the documented "soapui_home/bin/ext" folder.  You might try moving the driver there and see what happens after you do that and restart SoapUI.  Just grasping at straws here without a full research event. 🙂




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      I think your problem is maybe because you are not running soapui using the script shell (for Windows soapui.bat): it's initializing different settings as the extension directory.