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8 years ago

Need to setup a mock soap webservice in soap UI to test my oracle package which uses UTL_HTTP




Hope you all are doing well. 


I need to setup a mock soap webservice in my local windows machine which can be called from our test oracle database. The datbase package will use UTL_HTTP to place the webservice call and use corresponding inbuilt procedures to capture the response(both will be in xml format)


I installed soapUI free version in my desktop and set up a mock service using the WSDL. My problem is, when i try running the request in soapUI, I am able to get the response xml configured. But when i place the call from the database(which is on a UNIX server), i get a response success message and get the following message rather than the response,

"There are currently 1 running SoapUI MockServices" with a link to the WSDL i have used to create the mock service.


The firewall and port has been opened between the DB and my desktop and I have also configured the acl to get around the Oracle firewall.


Please can any one advice on how to get around this issue?





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