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3 years ago

Need double-encoded JSON in request body

I created a POST method for a REST service and I want to use the method parameter as part of the request body, but not in a raw form, but encoded as a JSON string. I hope to achieve this using the groovy scriptlet syntax: %{= }


The parameter is a PLAIN parameter:




 (notice the unmatched quote). The body template is:


"DependenciesJsonString": "${= someEncodeJSON(getSomeParameter( "DependenciesJsonString" )) }"

and the desired effective body is:

"DependenciesJsonString": "a\"b"

I tried ${DependenciesJsonString}, but the resolved value becomes part of the expression causing syntax errors.

Upd: I kinda guessed that you can retrieve the property value like this:["DependenciesJsonString"].value

 Is there a shorter syntax?

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