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7 years ago

Multiple command line invocations of soapui on same machine


            Is it possible or advisable to run multiple command line invocations of a soapui testsuite or project from the same machine? Does soapui scale that way, if it does, is there a hard limit on the number of invocations. A use case is to run the same test suite from the client soapui machine against multiple machines where i have my software to test installed.

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    I have successfully tried this via ANT using the parallel task - I think you are essentially multithreading by doing this.


    The more experienced should be able to offer more background/altenatives

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    As long as you have the machine resources both on client and server side (to hand those many clients parallel), you should be able to achieve it.

    Like TEB mentioned, you can just use SOAPUI_HOME/bin/testrunner and pass your project and different options to invoke respective tests.

    Either use multiple command line windows to invoke tests or automate them like TEB mentioned using Apache-ANT tool.

    I believe you might either have two objective for this: reduce the execution time or test the server capacity (if this is case, use load test instead).
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      nmrao The use case is to run same test against different instances of a Server, and not have to wait for each one to finish. So, basically, it is to save time. Thanks for confirming, i will try it out.