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    Hey kulatamicuda,

    It may be a defect with versions 3.5.0 and 3.6.0, but the most recent version is either 5.5.0 or 5.6.0 so 3.5.0/3.6.0 was a long, long time ago.

    It seems a little redundant to reopen the ticket for the issue against versions 3.5.0/3.6.0 as the issue could have been fixed in the more recent versions and its very unlikely that anyone would bother coding a fix to drop it into versions 3.5.0/3.6.0.

    Have you tried reproducing the issue in the latest version of soapui?

    If the issue is still present in the latest version then that is worth raising.


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      Hi richie ,

      I would like to apologize for typo in my report. The problem is with 5.5.0 and 5.6.0, that means with the newest versions.