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14 years ago

MS Dynamics NAV webservice: "unexpected end of file after n"

I am trying to test a webservice that was created based on MS Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). The URI that was provided works in IE (it shows me the wsdl), but when I create a new project with soapUI using this URI, I get the error msg: "...Error importing wsdl". The error log shows the following entry:

Mon Nov 15 12:54:28 CET 2010:ERROR:org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: Unexpected end of file after null

Thus I was expecting the wsdl to be invalid. However, after downloading the wsdl from the browser to a local file and creating a new soapUI project using this file, it does not give me the error mentioned above. Instead, it shows me the endpoints and the methods included.
When I create a new request within this project, I do not get any response from the server, though.
I know what MS Dynamics requires login information, that's why my domain user was added to the Dynamics user database and it also has all rights.
But even if I add this login information (user, password, domain) to the request, it still does not work.

Any ideas?

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    Meanwhile I found out that the webservice is configured to use SPNEGO (= Integrated Windows Authentication). Could it be that this is not supported by soapUI? If it is supported - how do I have to configure my soapUI project?
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately Integrated Windows Authentication isn't supported yet, but will hopefully be in the next major release


  • HI, I have the exact same problem, but in 2017. Was this feature ever added ? I'm, using v5.4.0