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6 months ago

"MockService is already running" error on mock start

Have this problem starting this week.

When I started new project with new SOAP mocks, I discovered that responses are always the same, even if make changes (like fields or completely empty response). Reimport project, restart SoapUI and reboot PC didn't work.

After some time I found out, that even if haven't started mockService yet, SOAPUI says "MockService is already running" when I try to start mock manually. I checked all my projects (around 15) and manually stopped all of the mockServices, but it didn't do a thing. Reinstalling SOAPUI didn't help either.

Do you know if there is a list of all running mocks somewhere? Or how else I can fix this problem (reinstalling Windows is my last option)?

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    Quick update: I fixed the problem with running mock, but found out another problem. It seems like there is "hardcoded" responses for mocks (when tried change fields/values, mock just ignores it). Any ideas?

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    What was there and how did you try to change? That will help to understand better, use screen shots if needed.