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4 years ago

Mock war deployment under tomcat truncating soap request body


I've been using the SoapUI community edition 5.5.0, using it to mock some soap services.

I have a library for our business logic, which I use to send back the required responses

When I use it with the supplied mockservicerunner, it works as expected, even for large soap request bodies.

(The OnRequest groovy scripts call the custom java library to get back the required response, passing the soap body to it: mockRequest.getRequestContent() )

We need however to deploy it as a tomcat service. I generated a war file for deployment under tomcat, I notice that the soap body that my java library receives is truncated)... I logged the request content in logs, which also confirmed the truncation. 

The tomcat deployment also works if the incoming soap body is smaller. I tried configuring tomcats connection attribute for max post body size (though the size is smaller than the default), and it does not help.

I'm wondering if I'm missing some war generation settings that should help correcting it?


Thanks in Advance,

- N

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