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4 years ago

Mock service address inside docker compose


my problem look like this: I have docker compose with mocked service and I'm using it in java springboot application. When application is outside of this docker compose I'm using url address like http://CPX-WY24SD3:8088/mockProductInterfaceSoapBinding and It's working, but when I add java application to this docker-compose this link is not working. How is this address looking inside docker compose? Is there way to check it? Mapping it docker compose this way: http://mockedProductService:8088/mockProductInterfaceSoapBinding  is not working.

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    What does it show the output for below command when docker container is running?
    "docker ps"
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      Hey superman11

      I thought id already answered this, so sorry about that.

      I might be able to using docker compose but not with soapui, but with REST-assured.

      When you say "have docker compose with mocked service and I'm using it in java springboot application" can you clarify exactly what you mean?

      Docker compose is the app that organises the running of multiple docker images within docker containers all at once.

      So for example. At work all the differenr components/services i need running to support my testing of an individual microservices component runs in individual docker containers. So when i start my services what i actually do is run a shell script that spools up those 15 services within their individual containers.

      Do you run in a vpn?
      Do you need tunnels?
      Etc.? Etc.?

      The more info you give the more likely i'll be able to help.