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6 years ago

Missing mandatory field error on element contained in optional object

I am just learning to use SoapUI and I am encountering a missing mandatory field error when one of my optional request elements for a SOAP API contains a mandatory element. You can see in attached image that 'owner' is mandatory on 'changeNotice', but 'changeNotice' is optional on 'rev'. How do I avoid this error?

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  • Hi stevemcw,


    I think this error is generating because owner tag is incorrect.

    Either you remove it completly or do like: <owner> </owner>



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      I think the picture I posted mistakenly had the node collapsed so the owner tag looked wrong.

      Anyway, on further testing, it looks like the problem might be that the wChangeNotice class contains some other elements which also contain wChangeNotices, etc. recursively. 

      While the first occurrence (pic on left) is fully specified, the later wChangeNotice (pic on right) is just an empty tag. Anyway, I just removed all the optional fields and got my test case to run correctly.