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6 years ago

MarkLogic DB connection

I am using SOAPUI open source. Can some one help me connecting to MarkLogic DB usin groovy scripting ? Much appreciated.

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    Hello cghanapu,


    You should be able to connect to your Marklogic database through Marklogic Java client. Here are some documents where you can start with,

    Marklogic Java client - (Place the Jar under {%SoapUI Install dir%}/bin/ext)

    Documentation -


    Sample code:

    import com.marklogic.client.DatabaseClient
    import com.marklogic.client.DatabaseClientFactory
    import com.marklogic.client.document.JSONDocumentManager
    // Initiate Marklogic connection
    client = DatabaseClientFactory.newClient("localhost", 8003, "username", "password",Authentication.DIGEST)
    docMgr = client.newJSONDocumentManager()
    // Read/ Write operation
    doc ="/afternoon-drink", new StringHandle()).get()
    docMgr.write("/afternoon-drink", new StringHandle("{name: \"Iced Mocha\", size: \"Grandé\", tasty: true}"))

    Please alter the data in the above code according to your need.