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6 years ago

malformated groovy scripr after editing xml project

I edited my xml project file with a other editor ( atom ).
I used correct indentation then saved my files with Atom editor.
Then when i re-open my project XML in soapui, all my scripts (assert, script test ) are bad indentated and wrong

All scripts are written on one line only ...

Have you got a idea for get the correct format xml project ? 
Why can I not edited the xml file project ? without affecting the scripts.

I must re -edit all my testStep in SOAPUI, it is a long work and :( 


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    Did you try editing with Notepad++? As per my understanding, Atom Editor, we use normally for javascript or PHP. Notepad++ is best tool to edit XMLs and JSONs.

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      With Atom (version Mac Pro) when i open xml project Soapui, the file has been unreadable.
      So i make cmd +A, then i make correct indendation (cmd + shift + I)
      Then i save the file. (without errors)
      Next, i re-open project with sopaui, and all my script is bad indentated.
      I can not get the version before edit with Atom :(