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8 years ago

Lots of errors in log from Test Suite and in TestRunner



I've only been using SoapUI for a few days but I'm getting a lot of error messages that I can't seem to resolve;


Test Suite:

I've created a few test REST requests and added them to a test suite, but when I just click on a test step it adds errors to the error log that I don't know how to resolve and can't find anything useful when searching the internet.


An extract is in attached file 1.txt: 



I don't know if any of these are related to TestRunner, but when I launch this I get what is in attached file 2.txt:


It looks like I have files missing, or it's maybe struggling to create the files, but if anybody is able to help me resolve some of these errors it would be greatly appreciated.

From what I can see, this doesn't seem to affect the running of the test suite when I set this to run from the GUI, so my next question is: does any of the above really matter? I will be venturing into Groovy Scripts in the next few days in case this makes a difference...



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    Is there anything specific that is blocking you to use the tool ?
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      Yesterday a pop-up message was alerting me to failures but this morning the pop-up shows a 'Execution finished successfully' and I get the XML output I was expecting.


      So from what I can see, there is nothing stopping me from running these tests using Launch TestRunner - I'm still seeing a bunch of errors but at least my tests are successfully running now. The other errors in the general logs also appear to have gone this morning too; obviously a dodgy environment.


      Thank you