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8 years ago

Log File with REST Request + Assertion result

Hi All


I recently started working with Ready API, luckily we are using the PRO version which helps a lot, especially since i don't have any programming background.


I'm currently running a test case, where i fire requests to a internal server, assert the response with "simple contains" and Sink the output into an external Excel.


The service itself is relatively new here, but the data quality is terrible.

What i'm looking for to do is, have the Request (since it contains the specific ID's that the loop is taking from another Excelsheet) and the Assertion response logged into some sort of file. The idea is to fire the requests and basically have a log file, which i could submit to the Data Developers to correct the issues i find using assertions.


I did look around the forum and google, however without much of a developer background it is quite difficult to understand the solutions that did similar things, and alter them to fit my needs. I'd say my biggest obstacles so far were the assertion information, as i can't get them to show up fiddling around with groovy scripts (i can't find them using the code complete suggestions, as far as i understood they are supposed to be part of testStep.getAssertionList, but trying scripts containing this line are all failing. Dunno if that's due to the pro version or something else, that's why i hope to find some help in here :(


Thanks a lot!

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