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4 years ago

loading WSDL file



trying to load WSDL file.

gives error. 

Error: type 'something@urn:somethingelseTypes' not found.


The wsdl in browser shows.

<xs:import namespace="urn:somethingelseTypes"/>


I'm guessing this is issue. how do I fix this? Tried searching for answer, but couldn't find anything.



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      Thanks for the reply.

      No it's ERP system we use.

      I kind of solved the issue. search more. what I did was copied the information into XML file

      which still gave an error. found location where the error was, changed the code. 

      Then used SoapUI to load the new file I changed. Worked. Now I just need to bug 

      the company who wrote it, to fix their issue. 

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        Hey Chris_B,

        For future reference if the .wsdl is either malformed xml or schema invalid the .wsdl wont load (which is the reason why your .wsdl was failing to load).

        If you ever have this issue again, just launch your .wsdl in something like xmlspy (or a browser)....anything with am .xml parser would do to check the file.