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4 years ago

JsonPath Count


please be informed that during Adding assertion, "JsonPath Count" is disable in Property Content section. so i cannot add JsonPath Count.

please help me.


version of SoapUI is 5.6.0


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    Hey PaZamani,

    Can you double check please? Im running 5.6.0 on windows and jsonpath count assertion IS available.

    However im wondering whether youre trying to use the assertiom on a response with no payload....the assertion wouldnt be available for either xml payload or if there was no payload on your response.

    I notice from your screenshot yoy have an enabled xml reaponse tab and there doesnt appear to be any xml content in there (indicating to me your response if it has a payload isnt xml), but if your response had a json type payload and you viewed the xml tab, the text "the content you are trying to view cannot be viewed as xml" would be displayed.

    Hence the above deductions make me think youre looking at a response that doesnt include a payload at all!

    I hope i was clear!