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2 years ago

JDBC step with null param ends up in the infinite loop (on Jenkins)


we've recently came over this issue, not sure if  it's bug or logical problem with our tests...
simplified explanation:
- test case has property step
- test case has script step which (if is successfull) fills property step with...let's call it prop1=value1
- test case has JDBC step selecting SELECT * FROM "foo" WHERE "foo"='${properties#prop1}'

now the trouble starts when script step fails and does not fill the property... so there's select null value call ...locally from soapUI 5.7.0 it's all good, however once it happends on remote server, e.g. Jenkins - there's the infinite loop going on  (log below)

02:08:50  02:08:48,754 INFO  [SoapUITestCaseRunner] running step [SELECTxxxxxx]
Aborted by XXXX
07:12:31  Sending interrupt signal to process

Does anybody have experience with this? 

Kind regards,

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