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5 years ago

Is it possible to import XML into another XML file?

Hello everyone,


I am working with a really huge project and it's stored as a 6MB xml file. Could I make this XML in pieces in order to make it look more organised? Using something like this:


However, I tried to use entieties but Soap UI does not recognize it. I have about 150 test cases and I have on mind to do it like this:

Project folder/

Would it be possible to have 1 xml for each test case and invoke them from Main.xml? 


As a result of this, when I upload it in Gitlab, the changes of developers will be pretty much visible. Which one is your approach in order to guarantee organistation in such a huge project?


Thanks in advance.



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    See if you can split the project logically into multiple projects.
    How do you execute the project? From the tool? If so, suggest you to use command line utility testrunner (from SOAPUI_HOME/bin)
    Increase the max heap size if needed.