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8 years ago

Is it possible to give a teststep response outcome to a next teststep? i.e. increased amount

Example. I test a POST method of creating an account which increases the amount of accounts by 1. To test this function I also have a count (GET) function which should show me that the amount has increased by one. Now I can check this manually, but I want to be able to create a next teststep that validates that an extra account has been created so I dont have to check it manually. Is this possible? I am using the free version at the moment.

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    Yes it is possible to do so with the help of scripting.

    If you provide more details, that would be helpful.
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      Hey Rao,


       I have a GET function to count all active accounts of my login webservice. I want to build a check that checks the amount of accounts after a new account has been added. So I want it to validate a +1 scenario after the POST function has been successfully completed. For now I have a contains assertion in place with RegEx \d+ so I can atleast check if I am getting a number back. The response is in JSON btw.


      Another problem I am facing is with a conditional goto. I have a connection check in place to validate access to the webservice. When it returns 'true', the testrun should continue. I do not want it to hog resources running the full script when the first step fails.


      As you can see I am still missing some fundamental knowledge of scripting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.