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9 years ago

Is it possible running a test with an input with a variable in the output?

Hi Everyone! 

I'm new at this, and I just started to use SOAP Ui. I have a few questions but the most important one is:

I have an input (.txt) to test against my webapplication, however, my output is an (.xml) edited result from my original input. I delete some "IDs" and "Time" and save as the output so I can run it with no problem since the FAT tool program I use ignore the lines I have (% ignore %) in it. I'd like to ditch that program and just use SOAP Ui for it.


Does anyone have/had the same type of tests?


I'm attaching an output pic of my test where the program suppose to ignore the info and move on the next line.


Thanks in adavance for the help.



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