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8 years ago

Importing SOAP UI into SSIS package REST WADL

Hello everyone! I apologize in advance, I am very new to SOAP UI (just started using it today actually!). I was tasked with grabbing data from a web service using SOAP UI and creating a C# Script and SSIS to load the data. The problem is, never having used SOAP UI before (or for that matter, using SSIS with data sources that are not databases or excel/flat files).


I am able to create the REST project and am able to view the data through SOAP UI, but that's as far as I've gone. Can anyone possibly direct me to some great resources that can help me out with this project? I'm not looking for someone to solve my answer for me, I just want to understand what I'm working with better so I can get this working and also be able to work on other projects in the future if needed.


Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to SmartBear Community.

    Not sure if there is any specific question in the above.

    Feel free to post your question with specifics of the issue being faced. The community is very active, if there are enough details of the issue, am sure you would get a solution / helpful pointers.

    Happy testing with SoapUI.
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    I hve the same type of question. How to consume a webservice in a SSIS Script task.


    Could you help ?


    Kind regards