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8 years ago

Importing .json to SoapUI free version

I am able to import the .xml file to soapui but, my company development team has provided me with the .json file and I have bangged my head everywhere to search and explore and have tried muiltiple options and no luck.


I am testing in Rest API, I was able to use postman by simply importing the file and it created all the GET and POST request for me to manually execute them but, now I need to automate it and I would rather use SoapUI than UFT. I am not sure if I need to set up the environment because in postman I was provided with the baseURL and hostHeader url I know where does the baseURL (EndPoint) will go and do not know where does the hostHeader url will be placed. I was able to execute the GET method by simply adding the EndPoint and Resource value but, for POST method I am recieving 500 error. I can't just simply input the .json file as because it's different for each method contaiting differect information in one file.


I also tried to convert from .json to xml but, that file doesn't work when I upload it just shows a blank project.


I can't use postman because in the free version there is no postman import plug-in option.


If anyone can guide me as to how can I import a .json file so that it will create and display all the GET and POST menthods which are layed out in the .json file step by step would be highly appreciated.


I am not sure what information to share from SoapUI so please ask and I will do my best to share that info.

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    The Postman importer plugin now available in version 5.3 is probably the best option.

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      My company no longer supports postman so now I can't even create a colletion from postman.


      What is an alternative to import .json colletion to SoapUI directly?


      I hope that I am not breaking any forum rules but, I need this resolved today, I am even willing to pay someone to guide me on this.