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8 years ago

Huge xml file test with SOAPUI



I want to test a huge file (approx. 500mb  xml file) by sending it with SOAPUI to a REST API.


Can we upload a file in SOAPUI? If yes then how can we upload or test it? If I try to paste this file, then it is hangs up and won’t paste there after some time.

If there any mechanism to test with huge xml files?


Thx in Advance.


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      hi Rao,


      No it is not attachment, I have to send Content type: application/xml; charset=UTF-8 only. Not as an attachment.

      So I am looking for option to check if we can save our xml there or import and test it in raw form? because I cannot paste that xml in the editor.

      Does it has any provision to import the file?

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        khajaansar1, as far as I know, SoapUI only supports sending raw data as HTTP attachments.


        As of now I would try to employ a Groovy script test step and send the data with your own code or consider executing an external program like curl.


        It would be a helpful feature to allow SoapUI to send data without holding them within memory. SoapUI could only hold a path to the file and read the data just to send the content to a target service.