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2 years ago

https request with multiple attach files but soap mock service only got one truncated attach files.

1. I created a soap mock service using provided wsdl and it works well.


2. I set up soapui with ssl and I think it works well too.


3. I sent soap request using HTTP with/without attachment, it works well too.


4. I sent soap request using HTTPs without attachment, it works well too.


5. I sent soap request using HTTPS WITH attachment(s),

from soapui messages log, click and see the request then I found:
5-1: if I sent more than one attachment file, I can see only ONE in attachment tab.

5-2: if I send one attachment file more than 4kb, the file in attachment tab seems truncated

(size 4kb)

5-3: I checked soapui logs and I can saw same error/warning log in jetty log tabs.


any help would be appreciated and thank you all.


Best Wishes


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