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4 years ago

HTTP Redirects to HTTPS

Hi All,


I'm using SOAPUI pro version 3.5,

when I try creating a WSDL soap project with a HTTP, it is getting redirected to HTTPS

Need to disable the redirection 

Is there any setting needs to be maintained at soapui ?



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    Hey NaveenPK,

    If i understand your problem correctly youve created a project via the .wsdl and when you submit your request its going to an https endpoint not that right?

    If thats correct then why not edit the .wsdl to change the https to http? Wouldnt that fix this?

    OR, are you saying that youll submit an non secure http request and this once consumed by your endpoint is FWDing to https?

    There is a "follow redirects" switch on requests, however i think that is peculiar to api/page redirects rather switching http to https and back again.