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8 years ago

HTTP Monitor Help



I'm new to SoapUI and after some assistance in getting the HTTP Monitor to record/monitor traffic.


Ultimately I'm trying to load test a web service but need to record the soap messages, if that's the right term, so I can play them back at an increased rate.


I'm confused as to which option I would take when setting up a HTTP Monitor, either tunnel or proxy.

I've tried both but neither record any traffic.

I'm obviously setting something up incorrectly but aren't sure what and the documentation isn't helping me.


We have an application which points to the web service and performs the calls, etc.

Depending on which option I take, tunnel or proxy, I'm assuming I need to point my application to the port?

I have already tried this and it fails so tried viewing our service via IE and get an error 500.


Any help would be gratefully received




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