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8 years ago

howto invoke aws-sdk to verify results?

For a project we like to use soapui to test a processing pipeline that is deployed to aws using services such as elasticbeanstalk, kinesis streams and s3. We have succeeded to issue REST requests to the beanstalk application however we are puzzling how to read back the "output" in order to compare it with expected test output.


A useful/scalable approach would be to integrate the aws-sdk into a script-step so we could for instance query certain cloudwatch loggings or download data from s3 or get notified of certain system activities. But given the fact the google gives us no hits on blogs or examples of any kind we kind of having doubts if this is the right direction.


Any tips/guidance on this topic is greatly appreciated,



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    Hi Paul,


    As part of my SoapUI Cookbook I did a recipe to call AWS APIs from SoapUI O/S. The approach I took was to create a Groovy version of the AWS Python example (, which shows how to construct a signed request without the AWS SDK. This seemed to work pretty well.


    Initially I tried to integrate the AWS SDK into SoapUI, but found that some of its dependencies (jars) caused classpath issues when added to the /ext folder.


    Unfortunately I cannot share the Groovy code for copyright reasons, but I can answer questions on it if you think it would be useful.




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      Hello Rupert,


      Thank you for the response.


      In fact we already managed to create/sign a raw rest request, but that is obviously not really scaleable. When you intend to do richer stuff  you will quickly need to aws cli or aws sdk. Since it does support javascript and there is in fact an aws sdk for javascript it should be possible to use it. I just have no idea how to add those libraries to soapui?


      Please note i'm a soapui-newbie... soon to become an expert ;-)




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        In general, the external libraries placed under SOAPUI_HOME/bin/ext are loaded by SoapUI.

        Hoping that you aware how to change the script language in soapui from Groovy to Javascript.

        By the way, I know nothing in javascript and not used. You may give try, and update here if possible.