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13 years ago

How to save or export project files

I'm using SoapUI 3.6.1 and would like to put my testing project under Subversion source control. I don't see a "save as" type function for projects and would like to know where project descriptions are saved on the file system and if it's possible to export them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    If you first right click on the root project entry (the one that lists the project name) there is a Save Project As entry. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+S, but I think that you need to have that root project entry selected for it to work.

    I am not sure where the project descriptions are saved.
  • Hello,

    If you did not change default settings in SoapUI, you can follow these steps for moving projects from one account to another :


    Close SoapUI.

    In C:\Users\username_origin, search for default-soapui-workspace.xml and copy it to C:\Users\username_dest.

    In C:\Users\Documents\username_origin, search for all the files looking like name_of_project-soapui-project.xml and copy them in C:\Users\Documents\username_dest.


    Reopen SoapUI, that's it !

    Nota :

    For name_of projects, choose all and only those for projects being present in the origin workspace of SoapUI.