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6 years ago

How to replace only few values of input test requests dynamically in soap ui

Hi I am using a rest based web service. In our json input request we need to replcae few fields for 1000 requests. In short we need to make our test suite configurable. How can i achieve this using soap Ui.

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    You can do this by data-driving your test requests. One of the flow for this would be:


    1. Set up a datasource i.e db, excel, csv etc

    2. Create a connection from SoapUI to your datasource

    3. Input the data in the database for your requests i.e columnName, columnAddress etc

    4. Fetch the data from the datasource and store in custom property

    5. Use that custom property in your request and create a loop to fetch next set of data.




    You could have a few groovy scripts to generate data randomly dynamically and store it in your custom props and use it to send requests.


    It really depends on what approach you want to take so we can help you more