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6 years ago

How to Import SOAP UI backup project (.backup) ?



I am using SOAP UI 5.1.3 and I have set the auto backup in the specfic folder where I can see all my SOAP UI projects are getting backed up automatically with the file extennsion "....soapui-project.xml.backup"


Suddenly my SOAP UI got corrupted and I lost all my SOAP UI project. Now I am trying to use those back up project file from all the options -

a. SOUP UI -> File - > Import Project

b. SOUP UI -> File - > Import Packed Project

c. SOUP UI -> File - > Import Remote Project


Also I tried to simply rename the .backup file to only .xml file, but it is not working. But I am not able to get it imported. Please guide me how can I use those backup (.backup) project file.