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7 years ago

How to find the data type of a SOAP request element using WsdlXxx API

Hi Experts,


Finally getting into Expert's forum as i could find a solution for my own. Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.


Requirement: Develop a tool that list all the elements of SOAP Request (Osi elements) selecting on which will ask the user to defined business behavior of those elements like description, validations based on its data type, required options, questions, testing scenarios, etc.


Solution Approach:

This requires reading of SOAP content and elements along with their data type and requirement option (Mandatory/Optional), etc. I am able to read the entire content of the SOAP request using below code snippet. But need to get more details of those elements.


WsdlProject wsdlProject = new WsdlProject();
WsdlInterface wsdlInterface = WsdlInterfaceFactory.importWsdl(wsdlProject, URL, true)[0];
Operation[] operations = wsdlInterface.getAllOperations();
String content = operations[0].getRequestList().get(0).getRequestContent();


Could you please let me know which SOAPUI (or other) API can give the details needed?


Thanks a lot for your support.



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