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8 years ago

How to execute SoapUI test cases for different environments

We have multiple test environment, such as  :


Environemnt 1:
Environemnt 2:

Environemnt 3:


How can I run SoapUI test cases for these different environments?


Can we configure the different environments in project level?



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    Environment is a feature of Pro edition.
    However, in the Open Source edition, you could do the following:

    a. Use project property, say APP_URL and and use property expansion in the service / interface level i.e., ${#Project#APP_URL} and assign it for all the test cases and test requests. Save the project after changes

    b. use SOAPUI_HOME/bin/testrunner (.bat/.sh) command line utility to execute the project. Note that here user do not have to modify the project property each time when url changes. Instead pass the -P APP_URL=<new ip address> to testrunner.

    c. Even if you use UI to execute, just change the value of APP_URL property value as needed.

    Hope this helps.