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4 years ago

How to developp a SoapUI plugin ?

Hi there,

Have been using SoapUI (free and pro versions) for a long time now.
But am actually stucked by a problem: I got a quite heavy groovy script that should be replicated in several TestSuite tear down scripts, so I was expecting to make a small plugin for a more comfortable use.

That's were problems occured.


At first, tried to use some of Ole's content:

Starting with this simple example:

just out of date, and doesn't work...

Then I tried to use some maven archetype...

No way, doesn't work neither...

Looking for something more recent in the repository:

doesn't help much more...
Finally, tried to find some informations on Smartbear's website and got this address:

My bad, it's getting nowhere...

Found some other informations and made a ReadyAPI plugin test successfully, but not for the free version.

Searched for several days for getting always same answers wich don't help more.

Am just wondering if it is even possible to developp a plugin for SoapUI.


Did anybody here had also som troubles about this or am I a real idiot ?
Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.,
Have a nice day.




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      Hi richie 


      Thanks for answering.

      Unfortunately the GitHub project you put in your message does not concern the plugin part.
      So am not sure if anyone there could give me a hand.


      Actually trying to get a contact via Smartbear's Twitter account ğŸ˜‰ (hope Noel will see this post)

      And I keep on searching