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5 years ago

How to add oAuth profile for SOAP testing.

Hi I am able to find option to add oAuth profile for providing token to SOAP authentication. I tried both open source and Pro versions. In your documentation, it is asking to add oAuth profile as mentioned here but there is no such option.


I dont see any option to add oAuth in my latest version of SoapUI opensource. Here is the screenshot of my desktop program. 


Can someone help? its urgent.




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    Hey fahahm,

    Im running readyapi! so cant comment on the open source version, however if the OAuth functionality isnt available in open source soapui, it is possible to create all the individual REST requests that would be handled by the OAuth functionality as i did this about a year ago when the OAuth authentication i was testing wasnt handled by the OAuth functionality in readyapi! due to weird OAuth v2.0 customisations on the project i was working on.

    Nice one