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9 years ago

How is SOAPUI calculating the signature value withn C14E and InclusiveNamespaces?

Tried to reproduce the SOAPUI Signature Calculation with php, but the signature value didn't match with the value in SOAPUI.

I'll can calculate the right digest value, but can't reproduce the sign process.

Signature value calculation includes:

My two approches are:


  • canonicalize signed info include digest value
  • sign canonicalized string (openssl_sign)
  • base64 encoding the result = signature value

2. approach:

  • canonicalize signed info include digest value
  • sha1 hash canonicalized string
  • base64 encoding ??? maybe to much encoding
  • encrypt with private key
  • openssl_sign
  • base64 encoding

Something must be wrong, because with each approach I'll got different signature value back as SOAPUI it calculate. What is SOAPUI doing with the signedInfo to calculate the signature value?


Thank you very much for any constructive response.



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