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6 years ago

How does Soap UI detects some String charset?

I'm developing an application that makes some SOAP requests. One service response was being received broken because a charset issue. Although charset header was UTF-8, the XML was encoded in Windows-1252. In SOAP UI it's handled gracefully because it knows how to parse raw strings to default system's encode. I struggled hard to find out how SOAP UI detects and manages to convert a string from some charset to system's default one but I couldn't. Does someone know how it happens?

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    You can set soapui default encoding to UTF-8 by going to this path:-


    And again when you restart soapui. Go to help->system properties->You can see file.encoding value would be UTF-8.

    Is this what you are looking for?

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      No. It isn't. The point is that somehow SoapUI detects charset of texts without knowing its right charset. I just wanna know how it does it!