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    Have you tried changing the SOAPUI_HOME/bin/soapui-log4j.xml?

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      No I hadn't tried that, didn't know about it, is it documented somewhere?


      Well I've tried it now and it works thank you. Although, not as I'd really like.


      If you don't execute the testrunner from SoapUI's bin folder the config file is ignored. I've gotten around this initially by copying it to the folder from where the testrunner is being executed (determined by our CI server).


      Long term though, that's not viable because the location is only temporary, could be pulled from under my feet at any time if the CI configuration changes. Ideally I need to have to soapui-log4j.xml under config control and have a way to tell SoapUI (better said, the testrunner) where it is. Is that possible?