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9 years ago

How do I run multiple load tests simultaneously using loadtestrunner command line?

I'm trying to convince my company and the new client that SOAPUI is the way to go for automatic regression and load testing. I am not a stranger to the SOAPUI GUI but this is my first time taking tests that I've created and using them via the


I have 2 endpoint tests created (Method's in SOAPUI) each with 3 requests (different users/REST API inputs). I have created assertions on each test so that I know the output coming back matches HTTP headers, JSON body parameters and SLA agreements. 


I have created LoadTests off of these 2 endpoints, 3 requests. One LoadTest is a Simple Strategy utilizing 10 'runs per thread' while the other is a default Burst test.


I know in GUI mode you can open both LoadTests up and click the green 'play' button and run them at the same time. However in the command line mode, it seems to run through LoadTest1 (Simple Strategy) first before executing the LoadTest2 (Burst Strategy) next.


Is there any way to have these run in parallel? 

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    Isn't it possible to run on two terminals same time?
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       I could run the loadtestrunner script on multiple terminals. It just would require slight modification or flags to the loadtestrunner to run LoadTest1 on terminal1 and LoadTest2 (burst) on a different terminal.

       I was hoping it may be able to be done so that the tests that I created are executed without having to break them up.