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8 years ago

Hello , I recently upgraded to soap15.3 version and some of my JDBC test cases are failing

I have some test cases with JDBC test steps. Some of the JDBC tests are suddenly failing


select * from tblAssignedExternalAccounts where FKAccountNumber=17
select * from tblExternalProducts  where ExternalProductsKeyId=15


If I remove the second line it returns the response fine, but with this, I keep getting  java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet is closed.


I have lot of tests with this type of queries . Please suggest!. I am using ODBC driver for connections


Driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver

Connection string: jdbc:odbc:{Driver name configured}


I use SqlServer database

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    Can you retry with older version of soapui when you it is not working after upgrade? That at least helps to confirm the same.

    Also look at other perspective such any environment changes happened to application and its dependencies at the same time.
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      Thanks for your reply! I do not have an older version of soapui. I could not find it in the website too. I cant think of any environmental change . Any idea what I should be looking for?

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      I managed to find an older version (15.2.1) and installed in my Virtual machine  and I can confirm that it worked in there.