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4 years ago

Groovy Script to delete test cases that begin with value

Disclaimer - My knowledge of Groovy is very limited.


I basically require a groovy script within my test case to delete test steps that begin with 'Order'.

I have tried this below, but to no avail, but that's kind of what I want. No idea if the syntax is correct or not!






This script would ideally be at the bottom of the test case and delete all the test steps that begin with the word 'Order'


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks.


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    Why would you want to use Groovy to delete test cases?  Can you just not delete from the 'tree' in the left pane?

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      Hi Chris,


      I have confused matters here and not used the correct terminology!


      I wish to delete test steps, and not test cases, my apologies. I have updated the subject and initial post to reflect this.


      But to expand on your question, I have a groovy script at the beginning of the test case, that imports XML files as "Test Cases", which could mean I end up with over a 100 test steps for this particular test case. What I wish for is the ability to delete all of these XML files, that all begin with the word "Order", rather than having to manually delete them and have it automated.


      Hope that makes sense?

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        Hi Bensb93,


        Hope there is no misunderstanding between TestCase and TestSuite, but such a Groovy script should help you doing the job:


        // Define the current TestCase
        def currentTestCase = testRunner.testCase
        // Loop for all steps inside the TestCase
        for(step in currentTestCase.getTestStepList()) {
        	// Define the step name
        	def stepName = step.getLabel()
        	// Condition of the test
        	if (stepName.startsWith("Order")) {
        		// Log
        		log.warn "Step: ${stepName} will be removed !"
        		// Remove the step

        Tell us if it helps.