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9 years ago

Groovy script: red atar

At the end of a Groovy test step script, I have the following line


context.status = Status.FAILED


When the test case with this test step is run in SoapUI GUI, it did not show this Groovy test step as a "Red Star".


Is it possible to show a failed Groovy script as a Red Star in SoapUI GUI ? Thanks.


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    I believe that you might intended to do that based on some condition, correct?


    Then you can do the following:

    if (condition) {
       log.error "Test failed due ..."
       throw new Error("Error message")
    } else { "Test passed" }


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    redbank199, yes, if you put an assertion into your Groovy script and the assertion fails, the star icon gets red.


    Just make a Groovy Script test step with the following code and execute it:


    assert false