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8 years ago

Groovy call test step of a different test case and then return back to calling test case

I have a Project with 2 test cases in it.


Set Up

Test Case 1 has 3 Steps(Groovy Scripts). Each of these steps creates a different type of xml.

Test Case 2 has only one Groovy Script that has connection properties to send the above xmls to the desired destination.



  1. In the Test Case 1, for each test step, at the end of the script I am setting the properties like end point, test step name, xml to Test Case 2.
  2. When Test Case 2 is called from Test Case 1 - Step 1, Test Case 2's Step looks at its properties like the end point & xml and send them to the destination.
  3. I am running just Test Case 1 and not the Test Suite as I don't want to call the Connections again as a separate test.
  4. The 3 Steps in Test Case 1 execute sequentially one after the other making subsequent calls to the Test Case 2 - Step.


  1. When I check my Application Logs, I can see that only the Test case 1 --> Step 2's  XML is sent thrice to the application.
  2. When I checked the properties of the Test Case 2 after the Test case execution finished, I can see that the properties are set correctly.
  3. The expected outcome I want is --> Each Step's XML should be sent separately to the Application, not just one step's XML thrice.

i.e When Test Case 1 - Step 3 executed those properties written to Test Case 2 are perfectly saved.

Not sure why the Test Case 2 is not reading those properties correctly.


Sample Code :


In Test Case 1 I am using the below code in each steps

def tc = testRunner.testCase.testSuite.getTestCaseByName("Test Case 2")
tc.setPropertyValue('TestCase', //This was just to write to log 
tc.setPropertyValue('updated', updated) //updated holds the xml from Test Case 1's steps each time. So when TC1-Step1 executes, it updates the property called "updated" with its xml. When TC1-Step2 exevutes, it updates the same property next time.
testRunner.runTestStep( project.testSuites['Test Suite'].testCases['Test Case 2'].testSteps['Test Step 2'] )


In Test Case 2, I am using the below lines to read from its properties.


def updated = testRunner.testCase.getPropertyValue('updated')
TextMessage msg = queueSession.createTextMessage(updated)


Question :


How can I run the steps in Test case 1, so that they each can make a call passing their properties to Test Case 2, so that test case 2 can use those properties to send them tot the target.


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