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9 years ago

Getting assertion results to excel/csv



I feel this is probably a very basic result reporting question that I have, but I simply haven't been able to find answer to it from guides/forum/google.


I need to make a simple data-driven test, where I would send some infromation and compare the result with my excel.




value_1: 1.0

value_2: 0.96



value_1: 1.0

value_2: 0.95






I have assertions that check whether the returned value matches with the expected value, but I'd need to have the result of the assertion in my result (hopefully excel, csv).


I've been able to extract everything else using datasink, but the assertion result for value_1 and value_2 is something I haven't manage to do.

I know that the TestCase report would have this information but due to having a lot of test cases I would prefer on having a table where I would have the expected result, actual result and the assertion result for each value (the whole teststep result I can extract).


Can this be done somehow without groovy-script or is that the way forward? I don't have any experience on that so I would need to start from scratch.



Any help/examples/suggestions will be very welcome! :)


Regards Ari





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      Hi Rao,


      I think this doesn't answer to my question (or at least so that I'd understand it:)).

      I can write the csv-file with datasink, but I would need to include the assertions in the output.

      So basically I'd need to know how to for example set the assertion result as a property(which I could use in the when extracting the results via datasink).


      Regards Ari