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6 years ago

Generated SoapUI mock service WAR files are very large and slow our CI build and deployment process


We are using SoapUI V5.4.0.
We are using SoapUI mock services as part of our CI test process.
We generate WAR files from the SoapUI projects by calling the SoapUI wargenerator.bat as part of our build process.

But creating the WAR files and adding them as build artefact's in TFS is very very slow because the WAR files created are very large, around 50MB each.

A build that includes creating the WAR files and adding them to TFS takes 42 minutes.
Without building the WAR files it takes 9 minutes.
Building 5 WAR files is adding 33 minutes to our build and this will get worse as we expect to use many more mock services.

It appears that the large size of a WAR file is because all the jars from the SoapUI-5.4.0\lib are built into the WAR file.

Is there a way that we can stop the class that creates the WAR file, class, from copying all the jars from the SoapUI-5.4.0\lib?
We can deploy those jars ourselves onto our Tomcat web server.

many thanks,


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