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8 years ago

Generate Java code using JAX-WS and SSL with client certificate



We are trying to generate Java code to call to a SSL SOAP web service using JAX-WS. Does SOAP UI support this?


We have configured a project in SOAP UI adding in Show Project View the keystore and adding Outgoing WS-Security Configurations. In the Authentication and Security-related settings in the request we have selected the Outgoing WSS. In Request properties we have selected again the SSL Keystore. In SOAP UI preferences we hace selected again the keystore and its password and activated "requires client authentication" in "SSL Settings" and activated "Adds authentication information to outgoing request" in "HTTP Settings".


We call successfully to the web service with SOAP UI using SSL and the client certificate. But the problem is, when we generate Java code, the code generated does not include the SSL and client certification features. The generated code is the same as the code generated without using SSL.


Is it possible to generate Java code with SSL and client certification features using SOAP UI?


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you.




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