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4 years ago

Exporting wsdl of a SOAP service with Soap-Ui , in one single wsdl

Hello Everyone

I have the following problem. 
When i try to export my Soap service from Soap-UI program, i have two generated wsdl files, while istead i would expect just one.

I can see that inside one of the wsdl, ther's an import that calls the other part of wsdl .


my question is : 

1 - is it possible to put all togheter the two wsdl in one single file wsdl ? 

2- Is it possible to modify the project in order to create a one single wsdl file ? 

i have another soap -services -based project, and when i export the wsdl ther's only one single file.

So i don't understand in which part of the project happens the split and fdon't know following which rules . 


Thanks in advance 



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    Hey mig0390 


    I'm responding cos no one else has but Im probably not best placed to help.


    Can you confirm both files are actually .wsdl's rather than say 1 .wsdl and  1. xsd?  I don't mean by checking just the file extension here - I mean check the content to see if 1 is actually a schema (.xsd) rather than a second .wsdl?

    I'm unsure why exporting the SOAP Service would generate 2 .wsdls.  I do know however, that .wsdls either import the associated schema or embed that detail within the .wsdl content itself, hence the reason why I'm wondering if the second file is actually a schema file instead....??


    If that's the case, you can edit the file to replace the import schema option with the embed schema option - but SoapUI doesn't do this as far as I can tell - you'd have to edit the file manually yourself.