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12 years ago

exported Selenium IDE test case as Groovy(Junit) getting err

Hello! In order to do integration testing with soapui and selenium for a web I recorded a test case in selenium IDE and exported as Groovy(junit)

package com.example.tests

import com.thoughtworks.selenium.*

class groovy for demo tool extends GroovySeleneseTestCase {

void setUp() throws Exception {
super.setUp('http://vlslcitcat07:11052/', '*chrome')

void testGroovy for demo tool() throws Exception {"/DemoAdminTool/AdminPage.iface")"id=form1:viewGrp")"id=form1:addGrp")"id=form1:viewFam")"id=form1:addFam")"id=form1:addCov")"id=form1:addProvider")

when I ran this script as a groovy test step the system complained about the for keyword on line I need to adjust the code to soapui's flavor of Groovy? Thanx!

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    I found the solutionto this initial problem (had spaces embedded in class name of test case). Moving on I got a new error: Unabl to resolve class GroovySeleneseTestCase....I researched on internet and tried loading the selenium java client driver.jar in the bin/ext folder. (1.0.1). Can someone please advise me what needs to occur to get the import of the com.thoughtworks.selenium.* package to be recognised by Groovy script?
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      I got past this step by downloading the selenium java client driver jar and putting it in the extensions folder of soapUI.
      However after this i got stuck with the logger conflict.

      Your post has been unanswered since 2012, so i guess there are not many people trying to invoke Selenium IDE in SoapUI