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5 years ago

Executing Load Test as part of a Test Suite



I use SoapUI 5.5.0. I am trying to test a Web Service. I have a Test Suite under which, I have a Test Case. Under the Test Case I have functional Tests as well as Load Tests. When I execute the Test Suite, only the functional test steps seems to execute. How do I include the execution of the Load Test as well?

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    I found a solution. We are using Maven for deployement of the web service. We already are using SoapUI testing using Maven,. I just had a add one more goad to include the Load tests.

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      I'm (functional tester....) having the exact same problem, can you explain what you exactly did to solve this? 

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        If you go to SOAPUI installation, there you can find load test utility which is separate from testrunner (which is to execute command line)