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3 years ago

Editor is not opening in SoapUI 5.7.0. In 5.6.0 it did

The Editor is not opening in SoapUI 5.7.0 via double clicking/Enter/selecting Open Editor in context menu for a step (with the SOAP icon).

In version 5.6.0 it does (same script).

How can I fix this? Is this a setting somewhere?


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    I had the same problem,

    I solved it easily by uninstalling SOAPUI 5.7.0, downloading and performing a full install for this version.

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    I have the same issue, the Editor is not starting in SoapUI 5.7.0

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    The Editor is also not working for me in version 5.7.0.  Initially if I open any test step in the editor window, the editor does open.  But if I then minimize that same window, and then click in the tree or click on the test step (in the test case window) to bring the window back in the editor, then the Editor does not open, and the minimized tab for that window eventually disappears.  This happens with any test step regardless of type.  It happens for test cases and test suites as well.  Any window that is minimized must be opened with the icons in the right hand corner of the window Clicking on the tree or in the list of steps does not work now.